Avast Secureline VPN FAQ's

When Do I Need to Turn It On?

We set up Smart VPN which turns on automatically when it is on an unsecured network.

Will This Slow Down My Computer?

VPN in general will slow down the internet bandwidth as all data needs to be encrypted. This is why we set up smart rules so the VPN is prioritizing security when it needs to be, and prioritizing speed when it is safe.

It Always Says SecureLine is Disconnected

If you are using a secure network, it will remain disconnected unless you manually turn it on. This is a feature to prioritize speed when in a safe environment.

Can I Access A Server Using This?

No, that is site to site VPN, this is designed to encrypt traffic VPN.

What is a VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects your data as you use the internet. This makes your usage anonymous and keeps your connection secured at places like cafes or airports where there are increased chances of hackers and insecure wifi.

How Do I Add A Trusted Network?

You can add private networks, such as your home or work Wi-Fi, to your Trusted Networks list. You can then choose to exclude these trusted networks from your VPN auto-connect settings. This means you can set Avast SecureLine VPN to connect automatically every time you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, except when you are connected to your trusted networks.

  1. Open Avast SecureLine VPN and go to  Menu ▸ Settings ▸ Network Security.
  2. Tick the box next to Exclude Trusted (private) networks, then click Current Network Profile….
  3. Click the slider next to each Wi-Fi network to set it as either Private (trusted) or Public.
  4. Click Close to exit Trusted Network settings.

Wi-Fi networks set to Private are now on your trusted networks list. The VPN will not connect automatically for these trusted networks if you have configured Avast SecureLine VPN to connect automatically.

What Type of Encryption Is Used?

Bank Grade AES 256 bit encryption. Also uses Open SSL and certificate authentication.

What Ports Are Used?

553 UDP and 443 TCP

More Information on Troubleshooting

Call Rush 844-881-7874, create at ticket using your task bar or self service: Avast Website

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