Accountant Cyber Security Checklist

Accountants are particularly targeted by hackers because of the financial data that they have on file.

A single 1040 has enough identifiable information to commit identity theft.

Not only will your clients lose trust in your practice, but you can face legal penalities up to $100,000 for EACH violation of GLBA.

Downloading and filling out this checklist on each computer in your office will ensure:

  • Your Client Data Is Protected
  • You Have Documentation Of Steps You Take To Prevent Data Breaches
  • You Can Showcase To Your Clients The Extra Steps You Take
  • You Can Differentiate Yourself From Competition
  • Be A Leader In The Accounting Industry

Download Your Cyber Security Checklist

Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1: Download Checklist

Fill out form to get access to list of cyber security protocol that all accountants should use to protect client data.

Step 2: Print Copies

Print this checklist and place next to each workstation in the office. If work from home environment, have each person print and have next to their machine.

Step 3: Follow Checklist

Using checklist as a guide, make sure that you have all of the proper measures in place. These are a combination of best practices from the AICPA, IRS, FTC, and NIST.

Benefits of Security Checklist For Accountants

It is necessary this day & age to be able to document every measure that has been taken in order to protect your data from cyber criminals.


Accountants are particularly targeted because of the sensitive information that they have access to.


With this checklist you will be able to pinpoint the best ways to secure your accounting firm.


You’ll also be able to see if the software and procedures you have in place are in line with compliance, best practices, and the law.


You can use this checklist alongside your current IT provider, and be able to ask them to help you fill any security gaps. Remember, if your “tech person” isn’t a specialist with accountants, chances are they haven’t spent years studying the laws that apply to accountants specifically. Even though they may be great at making the system run fast, it is your responsibility as an accountant to make sure that everything is secure, even if you have hired an expert to make sure it gets done.


Putting cyber checklists and data security plans together for accountants has been our specialty, hence the name Tech 4 Accountants.