Accountant Cyber Security Checklist

Accountants are particularly targeted by hackers because of the financial data that they have on file.

A single 1040 has enough identifiable information to commit identity theft.

Not only will your clients lose trust in your practice, but you can face legal penalities up to $100,000 for EACH violation of GLBA.

Downloading and filling out this checklist on each computer in your office will ensure:

  • Your Client Data Is Protected
  • You Have Documentation Of Steps You Take To Prevent Data Breaches
  • You Can Showcase To Your Clients The Extra Steps You Take
  • You Can Differentiate Yourself From Competition
  • Be A Leader In The Accounting Industry

Download Your Cyber Security Checklist

Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1: Download Checklist

Fill out form to get access to list of cyber security protocol that all accountants should use to protect client data.

Step 2: Print Copies

Print this checklist and place next to each workstation in the office. If work from home environment, have each person print and have next to their machine.

Step 3: Follow Checklist

Using checklist as a guide, make sure that you have all of the proper measures in place. These are a combination of best practices from the AICPA, IRS, FTC, and NIST.