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Legally required for ANYONE preparing taxes (EVEN SOLO SHOPS)

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A WISP is required by the IRS for all tax preparers. We can help you make yourself compliant.. Only requires ~15 minutes of your time to save 20 hours.

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Background:  As of August 9th, 2022 the IRS is requiring a written information security plan (WISP) for all tax preparers.


 “There’s no way around it for anyone running a tax business. Having a written security plan is a sound business practice – and it’s required by law,” said Jared Ballew of Drake Software, co-lead for the Summit tax professional team and incoming chair of the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC). – irs.gov

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You will have your written information security plan (WISP) shipped to your address and ready to renew your PTIN.

Normal Price $999- TODAY ONLY $699!
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Added Bonus: PTIN Security Certification Application ($200)

Added Bonus: PTIN Security Group WISP Compliance ($200)

Added Bonus: Free expedited service ($500)

Added Bonus: Guaranteed compliance for one year! ($200)

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* Money back guarantee only applies to changing your mind before the audit and intake is performed and WISP is produced.