Include LLC, LLP, INC. etc. If a DBA just put the DBA.
This should match Phone1 in Podio if this is an existing customer.
Do not include any processing fees - just the regular number. Purchase price is $1,000 + 3% ($30) = $1,030 just put $1,000 here.
Existing means do they exist in Podio masters. Have they purchased ANYTHING.
Should match Calendly if there's an onboarding.
Just for additional contact information and caller ID.
If this is a new client put full MRR here. If existing adding MRR, then only the additional new amount goes here. Doesn't need to be getting paid today, just to document that you added more MRR. This is not the TOTAL amount they pay if it is an upsell, it is how much MORE.

===================== Items Purchased =====================

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