You focus on accounting. We focus on your compliant IT.

The Dangers of Noncompliance

Accountants are particularly targeted in phishing attacks because of the sensitive financial information they work with. Hackers getting access to your data is devastating:

  • 60% of companies go out of business within 6 months of a data breach.
  • $100,000 fines from the GLBA
  • FTC Investigations
  • Class action lawsuits from breached clients.

We understand that it’s difficult to secure client data completely but it’s taking the right steps that are required by law. We make it easy for you to be compliant with federal regulations as well as have an on-call remote IT team that you can call seven days per week.

IT Services for Accountants to be Compliant

24/7 Network Monitoring✔
Endpoint Monitoring✔
Managed Anti-Virus✔
Business Firewall✔
2 Factor Authentication✔
Cloud File Backups✔
Full Disk Encryption✔
Virtual Private Network (VPN)✔
Windows Patch Management✔
3rd Party Patch Management✔
Daily Server Backup Testing✔
Email Security & Spam Filtering✔
Written Information Security Plan✔
Security Awareness Training✔
Priority Phone / Remote Support✔



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