Rush Tech Support Charity and Community Involvement

Many people know the story of how Rush Tech Support beat the odds and became a successful remote IT support company starting in a living room in Delray Beach, FL, and growing into something much bigger than the owner had imagined.

Aside from growing the company and providing value to the customers and employees, we realized we were missing a key ingredient – the community!

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

We take our employees off the computers and volunteer at the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in West Palm Beach, FL.

Charity Event Pictures 2/22/2020

American Cancer Society

We donate a portion of our profits directly to the American Cancer Society and participate in the Relay For Life.

Green Business Bureau

Rush Tech Support is a certified Green Business Bureau member. We make a conscious effort to use less and focus on energy efficient, paperless, and sustainable resources.

Bahamas Relief Effort

Rush Donated 10% of sales on the day after the storm hit. The campaign ended up extending over several days and we helped provide food, clothing, and supplies to people devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

CWS Camps

Time spent volunteering with the local youth program promoting entrepreneurship and fun for kids ages 12-17.

The Crossroads Club

Helping people get sober through various 12 step programs. The owner of Rush Tech Support has been sober since 3/23/13 and considers it one of the most important days of his life (other than his son’s birth, wedding, and of course, starting Rush Tech Support ;0)

Fair Chance Employer

Along with our mission to help those who struggle back on their feet in recovery from addiction, we welcome anyone with any background to apply for employment. We believe in rehabilitation and not letting your past define who you are as a person and employee.

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