Tech 4 Accountants FTC Software Bundle

50% Discount (Limited Availability)
Money Back Guarantee!

Gold (Do It Yourself)

(Peace of Mind You Have It ALL)
$100 $ 50 per computer per month
  • Save Over $1,800 in up front costs!

    $200+$200+$200+$199.99+199+100+99 = $1,197.99 + $678/monthly = $1,875.99

  • Save $657/month!

    Silver $678 + $12.50 + $12.50 + $12.50 + $12.50 + $4.59 = $732.50/month

  • FTC Risk Assessment
    (Retail $200)

    Have a risk assessment conducted by our certified technicians.

  • Information Security Program (ISP)
    (Retail: $200)

    Fully compliant plan that covers all requirements from the FTC.

  • Annual Reporting to Owner
    (Retail: $200)

    Gather a report based on the findings of your monthly reports.

  • Encryption At Rest
    (Retail: $199.99)

    Encryption of your hard drive with the existing capabilities. Windows Professional Sometimes Required (Sold Separately) 

  • 1 Yr Cyber Safeguards Confirmation
    (Retail: $199)

    Confirmation from the PTIN Security Group for Cyber Safeguards.

  • Business Encrypted Backup
    (Retail: $160/mo)

    LiveDrive Business Backup: https://www2.livedrive.com/ForBusiness

  • Policies Set Up For You
    (Retail: $100)

    Follow along with a simple form for proper set up.

  • Incident Response Plan
    (Retail: $99)
    Fill out a simple form to create your compliant incident response plan.
  • Business Grade Antivirus
    (Retail: $12.50/mo)

    Webroot Endpoint Detection to prevent viruses and trojans from getting on your system. https://www.webroot.com/us/en/pricing

  • Business Grade Firewall
    (Retail: $12.50/mo)

    Firewall to keep out unwanted intruders through the internet. https://www.webroot.com/us/en/pricing

  • Endpoint Security
    (Retail: $12.50/mo)

    Webroot Endpoint Security Combined with Wazuh cloud protection.

  • Security Awareness Training
    (Retail: $12.50/mo)

    Emails to keep your users aware and alert of the latest security threats.

  • Secure VPN
    (Retail: $4.59/mo)

    Avast SecureLine VPN for encrypted browsing. https://www.avast.com/en-us/secureline-vpn

  • FTC Required Qualified Vendor

    Being able to list a qualified vendor for handling IT security.

  • Money Back Guarantee*

    If you are not satisfied after 7 days, we will refund your purchase.

  • Email Support (12-24 Hours)

    Response time to emails 12-24 hours.

Platinum (Everything)

(Let Us Do It All For You)
$200 $ $100 per computer per month
  • Save over $1,100 in up front costs!

    $200+$200+$200+$199.99+199+100+99 = $1,197.99 + $678/monthly = $1,875.99 - $750 Set Up = $1,125.99

  • Done For You Onboard Discounted from $1,000 to $500 per computer (one-time fee).
    This is a tooltip
  • Save $732/month!

    $682 + $50+$50 = $782 - $100 = $682.

  • All Items in Gold
  • Everything Done For You
  • Upgraded to Enterprise Security (Retail: $50/device/mo)

    Enterprise Grade Upgrades

  • Artificial Intelligence Threat Monitoring (Retail: $50/device/mo)
  • Phone Support

    IDS, RMM, Patch Management, Reporting, Action Items

  • Expedited Email Support

    IDS, RMM, Patch Management, Reporting, Action Items

Best Value


DIY Gold

FTC Required Software & Protection
  • Conduct Risk Assessment:
    3rd Party Audit of Risk
  • Continuous Monitoring:
    Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Cloud Hosting
    Maintenance of Server for IDS
  • Continuous Monitoring:
    Log Data Analysis
  • Continuous Monitoring:
    File Integrity Monitoring
  • Continuous Monitoring:
    Vulnerability Detection (CVE)
  • Continuous Monitoring:
    Configuration Assessment
  • Continuous Monitoring:
    Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Continuous Monitoring:
    Windows Patch Management
  • Continuous Monitoring:
    3rd Party Patch Management
  • Reporting:
    Monthly Threat Reports
  • Protection:
    Cloud Security
  • Protection:
  • Protection:
    Identity Theft Protection
  • Protection:
  • Protection:
    Automatic Threat Scans
  • Protection:
    Threat Protection & Security
  • Protection:
    Endpoint Security
  • Protection:
  • Network Security:
  • Remediation:
    Resolving Identified Threats
  • Confirmation You Get:
    Proof of Safeguards Security
  • Network Security:
    Segmented Guest & IoT Network
  • Network Security:
    Hidden Public SSID
FTC Requirements Policy & Procedures
  • FTC Requirement 1:
    Hire Qualified Professional
  • FTC Requirement 2:
    Written Risk Assessment
  • FTC Requirement 3:
    Design & Implement Controls
  • FTC Requirement 4:
    Test & Monitor ISP Effectiveness
  • FTC Requirement 5:
    Personnel Training
  • FTC Requirement 6:
    Vendor Due Diligence
  • FTC Requirement 7:
    Evaluate and Adjust ISP
  • FTC Requirement 8:
    Written Incident Response Plan
  • FTC Requirement 9:
    Annual Reporting to Board/Owner
Tech 4 Accountants Service & Support
  • Installation and Set Up
    Remotely Install All Software and Set Up Everything For You (6-8 Hours)
  • Email Support
    Response Time
  • Phone Support
    Speak During Business Hours
  • Computer Tech Support
    First 30 Days: Free
  • Computer Tech Support
    Hourly Rate
  • Policy Set Up
    Who writes the policies?
  • Your Effort
    Time Commitment Up Front
  • Best For
    The type of firm who should buy

Optional: $500
One-Time Set Up Fee

12-24 Hours


DIY: Easy to Use Form

~1-3 hours

Solo / Small Firms <5 Employees. Has some technical experience, but wants this to be an easy step-by-step process to ensure things are done correctly without breaking the bank.

Required $500
One-Time Set Up Fee

Expedited Same Day


Done For You

~30 minutes

Firms that want everything taken off their plate. The type who don’t want anything to do with security and the FTC Safeguards Rule, they just want everything to work and be secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FTC is requiring everything be done by June 9th, 2023.

All software in our security stack has been thoroughly vetted and exceeds compliance standards.

Because we chose our software with accountants in mind, we chose simplicity and security over bells & whistles. Our goal is for compliance made easy. The software will not interfere with your current set up, and if it does for whatever reason, we will fix it free of charge if our software did cause the issue.

We have been in business since 2014 with over 500 five-star reviews on Google, TrustPilot, and Facebook. The owner of the company is a certified instructor with the Florida Institute of CPA's and all technicians are certified by the AICPA in cyber security. The company is a Certified Safeguards Technology Provider and is a PTIN Certified IT Firm.

Can you set up your own segmented guest network in your router without assistance? If so, you might be able to do it all on your own. If not, you should consider purchasing the one-time onboarding from our certified technicians.

For compliance guarantee, we need all of our software installed. There can be exceptions, but in general, we chose the stack we have specifically because it won't cause interference or down time. The choice is yours if you do it yourself, but we do not recommend using other software for compatibility issues.

Yes, the source for all of this can be found on the government website https://www.ftc.gov. Even small firms are required.

This is different than the IRS required WISP. We can create one for $699/PTIN. An Information Security Program (ISP) is just coincidentally a similar acronym.

We specifically chose our security stack with set it & forget it in mind. All of these will run in the background and do their job for you. After the initial installation, you shouldn't need to learn anything new (this is by design).

We will keep up with FTC compliance as long as you are a paying customer. If they add new requirements to the Safeguards Rule, we will provide the software / changes at no additional charge.

Yes, you can purchase the software first, see if you can do everything on your own without our assistance. If you decide you need help, instead of charging per hour (which would usually come to $900-$1200/machine) we just do a flat fee of $499/user.

As our vendors require us to pay for the entire year up front, we need all software compliance sales to agree to a one-year term.

If the software does not work as advertised in the first seven days, we will stop payments and offer a full refund.

Certification usually happens within a few weeks of your completed risk assessment.

They may be able to. Ask them what June 9th means to them in the IT world. If they are aware of the FTC Safeguards Rule deadline, they may be able to assist. If they don't know what June 9th means, it's like asking a student to do your taxes that doesn't know what April 15th means. Check if they are a Certified Safeguards Technology Provider.

Absolutely, we can help them fill in the compliance gaps without stepping on their toes. This is like hiring someone else to handle ERC while still doing your clients' compliance work.

Yes, it works for both Windows and Mac. Do note, if you need a Mac installer, please email us with a Mac request.

(Retail $100/comp/mo $1,200/computer/yr)
Only $50/computer/mo

"We're a small firm that doesn't want to spend over $1200/comp/mo and prefer to have it all from one spot. We are good enough with technology to handle set up."
Save $1,800 in up front costs!
Save $682/month!

Retail: $1000 + $200/comp/mo)
Only $500/computer One Time Set Up +

"We don't know how to do any of this. We know it's important and just want to make sure it's done correctly by a professional."
Save $1,250 in up front costs!
Save $732/month!

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